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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going -

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going -

This sentence pupped up in my head, this morning.

Never forget that the depth of your PIT <> People In Training is the HEIGHT of your Palace.<> Your final task and destiny -- Mamme D'Vorah

But in between the both, from PIT to PALACE we find the PRISON! During that tough time, you learn to SERVE in the most challenges circumstances!

If you say you are a believer in the G-d Of Avraham Yitzchak and Ya'acov you can also read in the Brit Chadashah, that HE first shows us how to SERVE others! It is a period where we also learn to LOVE ourselves not in a way we THINK who we are, not in a way that we only can love ourselves when we are rich, have a high position and think we can conquer the world all by ourselves! No, loving ourselves as we truly are. With HIS help confessing our faults and flaws.

So that He can strip of of our carnal thinking, and we will learn how to lean on the BELOVED!

Dance Your Dance To Freedom ( remove the yoke of your fleshly thinking and behavior )

Dance Daughter… Dance! When I searched for this word, I saw this at the top of the document: Your FAITH shall shatter all obstacles and maximize your POTENTIAL!! Be Blessed! I pray that what has been in the line of your forefathers / Ancestors (oppression of women) will break now as I pray!

To read that word for the daughters only: This is for all of us, who want to lean on HIM! Psalm 45 10-13 “Bride of the king, listen carefully to me. Forget your own people and your father’s family. The King is your husband, so do what He desires. All of the richest people from the city of Tyre will try to influence you with precious treasures.” Dance the dance of liberty. Drop those bandages. Come out of your hiding place. I AM is calling you by your name! Stand, Stand. I will increase (promote) you. Dance. Dance the dance of liberty. Take of the bandages. The smell of myrrh is filling the room. Your beauty may be seen. Stand up, Daughter, stand up Lazarus.

Stand up, Stand up. The light will come over you. Dance the dance of liberty. I AM is blowing. I AM is blowing over you with the wind of My Spirit. Come! Stand up. Stand up. Stand up. I AM is calling you! Dance, My love."


"Dance your dance of freedom." I saw a golden door handle and the door went open. I saw a person come out of bandages … and our LORD on a white horse. His hand took the hand of His child, It is time to stand up in the freedom of HIS Ruach! ( no flesh only walking in and through HIS Spirit) If you have questions, or a need for prayer... First to the Throne, then to the phone! But I am available to listen and to pray for or with you! (

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Available to speak at your congregation. D'Vorah Meijer.


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