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The Real Way To Success

For as long as I can remember, ever since I've been aware of the learning process that we as believers are allowed to go through, I've been reading about success and how to get it.

The 7 steps to success, or how to effectively rise up.

But HaShem has taken me by the hand again and again, to walk with me through the story of Joseph.

Joseph had dreams, and those dreams told him that good things lay ahead for him. But there was not a clear time limit, nor given a certain price tag either!

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Over the past few days, HaShem has clarified to me that there is a difference between a promise with a time lock and a promise without further indication.

This is what He gave me:

Waiting for a promise with a time stamp and a certainty that transcends everything, actually requires almost no faith or trust from us.

But what we can read about Joseph, Avraham, or Job, that's a different story!

Avraham heard Lech Lecha! What does departing from your fellowship mean, departing from yourself, leaving everything behind, so you can follow G-d, love G-d, and become one with Him!

That's what HaShem is working on, making us small, depending on Him, leaning on Him. A faith grows there, which can shake the ground, and which stands firm as a house.

Where you do not seek and love Him, because He will give you something, but because you seek HIM, have Him in the 1st place, and give Him the chance to be your ALL in ALL.

I heard a Rabbi, I think Rabbi Manus Friedman, explain what G-d meant when He said, "Let us make man." 26 And G-d said, Let Us make man in Our tzelem, after Our demut: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon Ha’aretz (the earth). Bereshis 26.

And that the main reason to do so was, to have a relationship with us, to have unity with us!

And then, when all else is of no importance anymore, and you have surrendered to HIS will, His way, HIS plan for you, it may happen, "You rise as a slave in the morning to be the governor of an entire country at the end of the day." And what has HaShem achieved with that long and often difficult preparation?

That you will not be distracted by anything.

The Three Main Pillars:

1. Not by power. Example: Think of great leaders in the past, and what they have caused.

2. Not by sexual temptation. Example: Read the story of Samson.

3. Not by money! Example: Someone offers you a great amount of money as a donation in your divine task, but as soon as you have accepted it, he starts to act like the boss, and you are walking astray from G-d's plan.

But you have the fear (respect) before Him, in front of your eyes!

You have become one with Him.

And He can entrust great things to you because He has the 1st place in your heart!

Why does it have to be done in such a deep and often painful way? Because flesh cannot stand in HIS presence. Moses could hear HIS voice, be near Him.

When the rest of the people heard G-d's voice, this happened:

And all the people were witnesses - Literally: saw the thunderings, the lightnings, the trumpet call, and the smoking mountain. When the people saw this, they trembled and stood at a distance.

They said to Moses, speak thou to us, and we will hear but let not G-d speak to us, lest we die.

Moses said to the people: Do not be afraid, for G-d has come to test you and that the fear of Him may be before your eyes, >before your eyes< - Literally, before your faces, that you may not sin. Exodus 20:18

Have a blessed day!


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