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Stop With This Behavior!

Updated: Feb 3

As soon as you start labeling yourself or someone else,

- Putting yourself or others in a box- you are busy with belittling.

And you withhold yourself and the other so much good!

The things you withold yourself and others are often born out of your own pain and fear.

In fact the love you withhold is the pain you carry!

Source Internet

Now, free yourself through prayer and ask HIM to set you free,

so, you can live the life to the fullest.

When you label yourself, you cause people to only see a part of you, and they will not recognize who you really are!

Ik ben uit mijn doos gekropen,

verbaasd en ook een beetje bang,

Ooit ben ik er naar binnen geslopen,

en naar ik dacht voor een leven lang.

Totdat IEMAND*** de klep opendeed

En mij vroeg "Wat doe jij met je leven?"

En ik besefte dat ik het sleet!

I crawled out of my box

surprised and also a little scared,

Once I crept in there, and I thought for a lifetime.

Until SOMEONE*** opened the door

And asked me "What are you doing with your life?"

And I realized I was wasting it.



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