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Starting The Journey Together!

For the loyal subscribers, first of all, many thanks for your support and prayers. For the new subscribers, a warm welcome!

And of course, both, old and new subscribers, thank you for reading the posts.

I will now continue, to post over here. Because as you probably notice, the domain name on this newsletter, was once the name of my old website.

The journey of life

Loyall subscribers, from the old website, are you moving with me?

You will have to register on this new website. So you will receive the messages I sent here in your mailbox!

Be sure to "whitelist" my messages.

As you can see the new blog is called: The Honeycomb.

I hope to see you here! And for all of you, also those, who read the posts, but haven't subscribed, an awesome blessed week!

D'Vorah Meijer.


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