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Loving Yourself, The Way You Are!

Updated: Aug 9

It starts with loving yourself the way you are! If we want to coach

others, it is a must to be honest with ourselves and with others. You can be beautiful, but even if you weren't, a coach helps others to stand and be who they are!

And what is beautiful?

I believe that all the tragedies I've been through in my life have not been there to hide them, but to share the lessons I've learned from them. I believe that being beautiful is not about fake nails, fake breasts, sprayed lips and behinds, but about being a person who dares to be who he/she is.

Of course, we can make ourselves beautiful, but the real beauty is in the inner strength.

The peace that a person can radiate when he/she appreciates and loves himself who he/she truly is.

Not has made a role model of himself but one, who is pure and real.

What's perfect? Things don't get perfect in this world. That's why I coach.

To help people see themselves and their circumstances as they are.

Life cannot be presented through pink-colored glasses!

The more we come into a surrender to the Maker of this world, Who has everything in His hands, the deeper He can lead us to ourselves and to the simple life!


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