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Is Fear A Bad Counselor?

Updated: Aug 9

I've always been taught that fear is a bad counselor.

It can influence our behavior and take us out of the calm that is necessary, to protects ourselves.

Ethics provides us with standards of behavior that help us decide how to behave in certain situations.


👉 I̠̠n̠ a̠ ̠s̠̠e̠̠n̠̠s̠̠e̠, ̠w̠̠e̠ ̠c̠a̠̠n̠ ̠s̠a̠̠y̠ ̠t̠̠h̠a̠̠t̠ ̠e̠̠t̠̠h̠̠i̠̠c̠̠s̠ ̠i̠̠s̠ ̠r̠̠e̠a̠̠l̠̠l̠̠y̠ a̠̠b̠̠o̠̠u̠̠t̠ ̠m̠a̠̠k̠̠i̠̠n̠̠g̠ ̠c̠̠h̠̠o̠̠i̠̠c̠̠e̠̠s̠, ̠b̠̠u̠̠t̠ ̠w̠̠e̠ ̠n̠̠e̠̠e̠̠d̠ ̠p̠̠e̠a̠̠c̠̠e̠ ̠o̠̠f̠ ̠m̠̠i̠̠n̠̠d̠ ̠t̠̠o̠ ̠m̠a̠̠k̠̠e̠ ̠t̠̠h̠̠e̠ ̠r̠̠i̠̠g̠̠h̠̠t̠ ̠c̠̠h̠̠o̠̠i̠̠c̠̠e̠. 👈

And those of us who believe in G-d know it;
With Your help I can advance against a troop, with my G-d
I can scale a wall.
Psalms 18:29-40

D'Vorah Meijer


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