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Updated: Aug 9

Following the never-ending discussion on LinkedIn, about the "LinkedIn ONLY For Businesses" I have commented underneath a post, from which this article arises.

Read more underneath the picture.

Then let's start to stop double standards.

a) Religious organizations are being burned down by so called "businessmen" whom I see answering a little later under messages with pictures of half-naked "ladies" offering their wares.

b) Business people also have emotions and a life behind the business and if something happens in our life (disease, death, divorce, marriage, etc.) we should be able to share it.

c) And then there remains the question What kind of mail is business and who is THE businessman... The one with a lot of money and a big company of name and fame, or also the small freelancer who may not have big deals but still doing business.

Are the office people also part of the company? And the cleaning group and the catering people? So, they can use LinkedIn, or is only the director allowed on LinkedIn?

In the years that I have been on LinkedIn, I saw something striking.

Entrepreneurs who almost apologize and hesitantly share their personal message (death, miscarriage, etc.).

"I never do this otherwise" as if they were not humans but robots.

While I saw someone from a multinational share a moving message about the death of his beloved four-legged friend, as a result of which the man created a completely different and more sympathetic image of himself, but it also spilled over to the company, which later did him no harm. Again, I point to the word <> Balance!

Perhaps an idea to keep things separate in professional groups or even a professional section where you can only participate with a password (screened)?
Last but for certain not least.

I once wrote a piece about the HIGHER and LOWER culture.

When a doctor has performed a successful operation, the cleaners deserve equal credit. The doctor may do an excellent job, but if the bacteria from the previous procedure are not properly disinfected, and the operating room is filthy, the successful doctor will see the success rate diminish despite his expert work.

The person who gives a beautiful concert with his piano gets applause. But the maker of the piano and the tuner of the instrument have also a part in it.

No high and low, but also the eternal discussion about titles can be reduced by providing a balance.

You can be proud of a title or honorary doctorate, but don't make it a status, as if the person without a title is a lower person.

With which I finally lay down the crux of the matter. Give each other space and let LinkedIn reflect society.

And if you still want to keep thinking inside the box, I point out to what I wrote earlier, create a professional section for the business.

D'Vorah Meijer


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